New forum user from Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

I own a 2003 E53 X5 with the 4.4 litre M62 engine. I do repairs on it myself as often as I can, engine oil changes, transmission-oil changes.

I have replaced most coolant hoses, radiator, water pump, thermostat, shock absorbers (front and rear) and all of the front steer linkages myself at home.

I have INPA on a laptop (that laptop has just failed, so will need to replace). I have good mechanical skills and have sound diagnostic skills. Attached is a photo of a palm-sized digital oscilloscope I use to diagnose a faulty aircon condenser electric fan that would not work. A test lamp confirmed power supply in the connector and the scope confirmed that the car's DME was sending a signal to the fan to get it to operate. The next step: spend $600 to buy a replacement fan assembly.

Am looking to offer any information to other users that I can to help out, and would like to learn what I can from anyone willing to assist me.