NJ/NJ/PA/ CT AUGUST 31st MEET/ Cruise. *LIBERTYPARK* Grease Truck

Port Elizabeth
So, August 31st, 10:30 a.m., at *Liberty State Park* in Jersey City NJ near the Liberty Science Center..

A little info about the area.

This place is perfect for Large Meets due to the fact that there is a ton of Parking room So the more the better (lets fill the whole lot if possible), It is great for capturing Pics with the Statue of Liberty in the backround or even just for catching a few shots next to the water. It is right off of the Turnpike and directly in the heart of north jersey and only a few min. away from NYC. I have been to meets here before and the cops are pretty chill as long as people dont act like a group of asses

(meaning, NO burnouts, Donuts, Speeding through the lot, ETC.)

I'm pretty sure that will not be an issue seeing that this is not a Honda meet. .

But anyway, we will be meeting around 10:30a.m. and will hang out there for a while and B.S. about our cars and so on (the typical meet talk). Then when we have a nice size group and everyone is starting to get hungry we can all hop on the Turnpike and take a nice cruise down to the Grease Trucks at Rutgers (approximately 20-25min. from L.S.P) for "Fat Sandwiches" If you have never had a fat sand. before, it is worth comming out and taking the cruise Just for the sandwich alone. .

All Euros are welcome and i already have a group of about 20 who are down for this meet.. If you need any info or directions feel free to drop me a PM and i will get back to you asap.

All in All, it will be a nice way to end the summer since many of memebers on here will be going back to college and so on. .

List of members from BF.C, E46fanatics, and a few other BMW forums . Keep in mind that this event is posted on about 10 euro forums. So we should have one hell of a turnout..

If your not on the list and plan on comming. Re-Post this List with your Name on it or just let me know and i'll Keep it updated..


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just to name a few

-BLUIZE256 (Rollin Deep)
-DRIFTM42CANO (+1, so far. .)
-mastermind278 (will be meeting us at the grease trucks)
-deyainrdy4ds (down but not definate..)
-Moe318i (e36 w/full e46 front end swap)
-rajesh (assuming he's in since he loves the park)

Maybes List


P.S. for those near menlo park mall well be meeting there at 9am and then drivin to the Park little after

Menlo Park Mall Crew Meeting to Head to Liberty


heres a link to the original thread