130mph by a sheriff

I was maxing out my car the other night on the local highway. It was about 11:30 at night so there weren't very many cars out. We just came over a hill and started going downhill, my speedo was pushing past 130, and there was a line of about four cars in the right lane. My friend was looking through a video camera because we were taping it, and all of a sudden he yelled "COP". I slammed on my brakes(going downhill) and we passed the line of cars still going well over 100. The third one was a sheriff SUV, but as we passed him, he pulled off on an exit. We took the next exit and stayed in a parking lot for about 5 minutes. We drove on backstreets all the way back to my house and saw 3 cops in town. I drove super slow because I thought the sheriff might have put a call out. Well, we made it home safe and I'm going to try to upload the video to a website and put a link on here for ya'll to see.[wave]
yeeeehaaaa.....when he yelled cop you should have stepped on the gaz even more to prevent him from reading your plate.....

lucky you and nice story. i bet your heartbeat was like a bad ass rampage heh?
Yeah, I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I read "SHERIFF" on the side of that SUV. It was also kind of scary trying to brake and turn @ 130mph. Thank god for ABS![ohcrap]
here is another link: (dont know why)
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hehe, i wanna see this.

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just remembered a time me and a friend did the same thing, cop saw us, and we pulled quickly into a full parking lot at night and got out and walked away. (to the movie theater) and we walked back to the car a bit later and noticed a cop sitting at the entrance. and later on an unmarked vehicle in his place. they staked us out for an hour... lol, asses!
That happened to me once...

It was late at night, like 3:30 in the morning and I was on my way home and I hit a stoplight about 4 blocks away from my house and a SE-R Spec V rolls up next to me. Bunch of kids. My head is saying don't do it, it's late and the cops are all over this time of night.

So the light change and I take of gently in first, shift to second at low rpms and hear him hit it, instantly my foot hits the floor, he gets a good jump until the secondaries kick in, I pull in front of him and as we gain speed I'm gaining even more ground.

All the sudden he yells something out the window (the Spec-V) and slams the brakes. Took me a second to figure out what he said, then I saw the cop, sitting right on my street! Doing 90 in a 30, both of us, cop never came out, but I turned on the next street, drove the backway, slowly back to my house and thank god I didn't get caught!
ok im in a 45 mph zone its morning lke 6am i dont do excessive speeding at night bc cops are crawling everywhere bc of drunken kids plus i cant see them. so neways minimal traffic im doing like 90 and i decide to step it up and im at about 125ish and i see two bike cops coming the otehr way and im like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. but i watched them they kept going down without turing around to get me. i drove slowy the rest of the way home.

and another time it was night like 12 and i was cruising like 90-10 in a 55 and i hear a siren and my heart was pounding but it turned out radio was on low and it was an advertisment for a bail bond company.